Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hidden In Plain Sight Event and Exhibition

March 15 - 29th at the River Bar and Gallery in Chung Li, Taiwan

I would like to invite everyone to "Hidden In Plain Sight Photo Exhibition and Event" marking the 5th year of the war for black gold in Iraq. We are going to raise money to help Iraqi and Palestinian Refugees. To date there are roughly 2,000,000 Internally displaced Iraqis, 750,000 Iraqi Refugees in Jordan, 1,200,000 in Syria, 350,000 in Lebanon, 10,000 in Egypt, and 20,000 in Turkey. Yes and even about 1000 in America!

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Press Release

“HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT” Event & Exhibition
A Benefit for Iraqi and Palestinian Refugees

– Kloie Picot, a Canadian photographer and filmmaker living in Taiwan, is organizing “HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT” Event & Exhibition, to benefit Iraqi and Palestinian Refugees. The event will feature an exhibition and silent auction of photographs by internationally-renowned photojournalists, live music, and films about the conflict in Iraq and Palestine. It opens on 15 March and runs until Saturday 19th, the 5th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, at the River Bar and Restaurant in Chung Li.

While the war in Iraq has generated a new flood of refugees fleeing the conflict, Palestinians have lived as refugees both inside and outside of Palestine for over 50 years. This event will bring attention to and raise funds for Iraqi and Palestinian refugees from these conflicts.

All proceeds will go to CROSSING LINES, a nonprofit to be established in the Middle East by Kloie Picot, the driving force behind the event. Her aim is to establish a mobile Community Learning Center, with classes offered in subjects like English, Film, Photography and Clothing Design. One proposed class will help refugee women make and sell simple yet practical accessories such as shopping bags with unique Iraqi and Palestinian embroidery designs.

“Through this project, I hope to help people who have been displaced by conflict, to get access to materials and skills so as to become self-sustaining”, says Picot. “But perhaps more importantly, it can help them find a voice and express themselves, even find dignity and a reason to live again.”

Picot stressed that all the artists and musicians contributing to the event have volunteered their talents and time. “Even proceeds from the drinks sold at the River on Saturday night, will go directly to helping to Iraqi and Palestinian Refugees,” says Kloie. “So by having a good time in Taiwan, we can help displaced people.”

Event Program:
March 15th at 9pm will begin a Photo Exhibition and Auction of limited edition photographs donated by internationally-renowned photojournalists such as Lisa Hogben, David Bathgate, Laura El-Tantawy, Katharina Hesse, Susetta Bozzi, James Chance and others. The photographs will be on display for 2 weeks from March 15-29th, and are for sale by silent auction.

Entertainment for the opening night begins at 10pm with The Anglers member Tyler Daiken, Hip Hop bands Foreign Affairs and T.H.C., Comedians Kurt Penny, Matt Goding, and Thomas Levene, as well as a performance by the Asmah Belly Dancers from Taipei.

Upstairs in the restaurant will be a screening of Picot’s own award-winning documentary film, Shots That Bind - Palestinian photojournalists in Nablus.

Also on opening night a raffle will be held with prizes ranging from artwork from local artists, Corel Digital Media software, MP3 players, a chance to participate in a photo workshop by Kloie - who will share what she learned from her mentors James Nachtwey and David Allan Harvey - and a 80GB iPod Classic. A donation of NT$200 ensures patrons entry at the door and a ticket to win raffle prizes.

Film Screenings
Each night leading to the 19th, films will be shown at the River Restaurant from 9:30-11:30pm. Titles include Iraq in Fragments and Gaza Strip by James Longley, Operation Filmmaker by Live Schreiber, and Jenin Jenin by Mohamed Bakri.

Anniversary Ceremony 19th March
To observe the start of the war in Iraq 5 years ago, a special program will be presented on the 19th. This will include a screening of James Longley’s film Iraq before the War, and a performance by the well-known South African Experimental musician and composer AndrĂ© van Rensburg, playing Middle-Eastern-inspired music. A candle-lighting ceremony will conclude the evening, which promises to be a moving experience for all who oppose the war or who simply have something to say about it.

“When I was teaching documentary filmmaking to a group of young Palestinians in Nablus, Palestinian Territories, I saw that this gave them a purpose, and instead of joining Palestinian militant factions, they joined my workshops and channeled their energy into something positive,” says Kloie. “When I tell of my experiences living with and documenting refugees in the Middle East and Afghanistan, many people in Taiwan have said they would like to make a difference, and many have already volunteered to come and spend time among the refugees, sharing their practical or artistic talents. “

The River Bar and Restaurant is located in Chung Li, Taoyuan County, at Da Tong Rd 18. Telephone: 0927555025.
Donations can be made and raffle tickets bought at the restaurant. For more information, contact Kloie Picot at email:

About Kloie Picot:
Kloie Picot is a Canadian-born videographer and journalist and has been covering the people and events in the Middle East for 6 years. Her film Shots That Bind, about the lives and work of Palestinian photojournalists and cameramen in Nablus, Occupied West Bank, won the Best Cinematography (Documentary) Award at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in 2006.
Ms. Picot is currently based in Taiwan, from where she travels to countries like Sri Lanka, Banda Ache, and Afghanistan to document social issues caused by conflict. For more on Ms Picot and her work, visit her website at