Monday, June 9, 2008

Photo Workshop "Hidden In Plain Sight"

Alison has a remarkable Eye for Lines and Composition. During the hectic and crowded Dragon Boat Festival Alison took a break, looked up and got the right time! Who would have thought that a clock and bridge could be so captivating! BRAVO Alison!

Cathy captured this photo at the Chang Kai Shek burial site in Dashi. With her background in graphics and long term stay in Taiwan, Cathy was able to get a photo that is the essence of traditional Chinese painting. Despite using a new camera, one she was unfamiliar with, Cathy did a fantastic and compelling job! BRAVO CATHY!

Rae is now the happy owner of my Canon 20D which she bought to take photos on her upcoming trip to Cambodia! This was her absolute first time taking photography seriously. She excelled in all my expectations! Rae was able to look threw the lens creatively, using the manual mode on her new SLR. Here she captured a mysterious and captivating shot of the surroundings of the Chang Kai Shek burial site. BRAVO RAE, am looking forward to your work in Cambodia!

As promised the "Hidden In Plain Sight" photo workshop taught by Kloie Picot to those who won the workshop raffle from the events in Chung Li and Taipei was held on June 8th. Unfortunately, from the 14 tickets pulled only 3 students were able to attend. The students were, Alison Doyle, Cathy Wilson,(who came all the way from Taichung) and Rae Keili. Their dedication and passion on Sunday was remarkable! We all worked hard from 9am to 10pm. It was hot and humid (to say the least) we went to the Dragon Boat Festival, and to the Chang Kai Shek burial site, here in Long Tan. I am proud of my new students, and even prouder that they took their Sunday to achieve remarkable advancement in their photo taking ability!!!! The students got great shots and I have chosen 1 from each to show here on the blog. I will be holding several other workshops in the coming months, choosing one photo per participant and organizing an exhibition.