Saturday, March 8, 2008

Teasers of the PHOTOS donated

Hidden in Plain Sight event and exhibition is just one week away. I will be taking photos of the evenings and posting them here so keep coming back.

When I ask around here in Taiwan, most people (not all mind you) here are unaware that there are roughly 4,000,000 Iraqi and millions of Palestinian refugees living in camps across the Middle east. Its my hope that by drawing attention these facts that people here will join me in doing something to help before it becomes worse. Worse? What I mean is before the men languishing in camps get so frustrated that they join militias, or women who have no other means of survival turn to prostitution (which is already happening in Syria) and that children get an education.

I want to thank everyone who have donated their time and energy to making this happen. Tobie, Calvin, Erica, Genna, Kara, Kim, Eddie, and to the photographers, Katharina Hesse, Laura El-Tantwy, Gabor Teveli, Tobie Openshaw, James Chance, Paolo Picones, Rony Zakaria, David Bathgate, Susetta Bozzi, Lisa Hogben. To the entertainment for the event, Foreign Affairs, T.H.C., Tyler Daiken, Kurt Penny, Mark Goding, Thomas Levene, the Asmah Belly Dancers and our DJ for the evening Wes Hopkins.

Special thanks to Kim from the River whose generosity knows no bounds.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to Kloie from David Vickery! I hope you know you are doing something amazing there.

Kloie said...

Thank you David, the exhibition is going so well, lots of help from friends and those concerned about world events. Lets keep the momentum going!