Friday, July 25, 2008

Baptism at an Orthodox Church in Amman, Jordan

The head priest at an Orthodox church in Amman, Jordan.

The priest pours baptism water on the head of Jolie Mary.

Jolie Mary after being Baptized, she was so good, she didn't cry or make any fuss during the 15 minute ritual.

The priest leads Jolie Marys parents and godparents around the main altar at an Orthodox church in Amman, Jordan.

The baptism over Jolie Mary is held by her godmother.

Mohammed dropped me off to go to his family for the Friday family gathering. I decided just to walk around, as I had no translator today to visit Iraqis or Palestinians. I went to Jabal Hussein and along my walk I saw this Orthodox Church. I asked the well-dressed people standing outside if church was open and if I could go in. They told me there was a baptism about to take place so I asked if I could take photos, they all welcomed me.

I went in and met the Palestinian Christian family and Orthodox priests who were baptizing their young girl “Jolie Mary” they also welcomed me as did the two Orthodox priests, all saying sure and please do take photos. It never ceases to amaze me how welcoming the people are here, imagine walking into a church in Canada saying hey can I take some photos or your baptism, I think they would look at me like I was crazy! So here are some photos of the baptism of Jolie Mary. And of course I have offered to burn a CD for the family.


Jon Marc said...

Forgive me for commenting on something so long after it was originally posted, but I think you're mistaken in your identification of this particular church. There's no way it's an Orthodox church - the Arabic-speaking Orthodox in Jordan are divided between the Jerusalemite and Syriac Orthodox Churches and the pictures you posted do not reflect the traditions of either church. The priest is not dressed in Byzantine or Syriac vestments and the altar does not have an iconostasis or a curtain. It does look like a Roman Catholic or perhaps an Anglican church, but it is certainly not an Orthodox church.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jon Marc,

This is defenetely not an Orthodox church and the priest is not Orthodox because the vestments he wears are not Orthodox.