Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 22, 2008 interviews with Iraqi Refugees

"M" going to his one room apartment in a poor neighborhood of Amman.

"M" and "Z" and their child, their faces are hidden as they fear reprisals from everyone!

Next Artry and I visited M and Z who live in a decrepit one room apartment for which the pay 15 JD a month. He worked as a “journalist” for the American forces. He endangered his life, the life of his wife and child as they posed as an innocent family traveling to visit family. They went to extremely dangerous areas, M with a hidden camera clipped on his shirt. M would film the fighters, pinpointing their location and well I will not get into details as its very very unsafe to speak of this. They are also converts to Christianity, a double price on their heads. Z’s brother converted in Iraq and fled years ago to Sweden.

Z told me of the bodies she saw who had been tortured. “ Everyone knows when it is Shia work, because they torture using cigarettes and then strangle people with wires. Sunnis would simply shoot them. My neighbor was visited in the night by the “DEATH ARMY” that’s the name we give to the Mehdi army, the Death Army! They came to my neighbor and said you must tell everyone we are good, we are better than good. My neighbor refused he said no, you are not good, you have no honor. They told him if you don’t say what we tell you we will take your wife. My neighbor said okay I will tell everyone you are good. No they said, you must tell them we are the best. My neighbor refused, saying he can not lie like that. They raped his wife in front of him and then threw their 3-month-old child against the wall. My neighbors’ wife died of shock. See what has happened to Iraq it’s the Iranians these Shia are animals they have no soul, they still hate us because of the war, they hate us and now they want to control Iraq.”

M told me in a cool and controlled manner that the Iranians are definitely in Iraq and are in the Death Army the Mehdi Army. The fighters speak fluent Arabic but when they are alone and think no one is around they switch to Farsi.

M seriously risked his life and saved hundreds of American soldiers due to his work. He has all the papers, which I have read, and which shocked me. He was allowed to carry weapons, had training etc etc and when he went to the American Embassy here they shut the door in his face! They are registered with the UNHCR and like all others are waiting, terrified that someone will find them and kill them.

“I am not afraid to die, they can even kill my husband. We did what we did and will suffer the consequences. But don’t kill my daughter, its not her fault. If they kill us okay, the church will look after our daughter, and she can live her life as a Christian, I will be happy if they just kill us but please please God don’t let them kill my beautiful daughter,” said Z as she held me, tears falling on my shoulders.

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