Monday, July 28, 2008

A Heart like the Sun

A photo of Ranin at 3 years of age.

Ranins father shows the medical report and diagram of the 1st operation Ranin needs to battle her obesity. It will cost over $US 5000.

Ranin has a heart like the sun says her sister Ranin. She has come to Amman to recieve treatment for obesity.

Ranin is 177 kilos and cannot stand or walk, her she is helped to her feet by her sister and a friend. Her father (right) spent most of his savings to bring her to Amman for treatment.

Ranin and her sister Rana in a hotel room they rent waiting to find someone or an organization to help them receive treatment. Their savings will run out in a month and a half and they will be forced to return to Iraq.

Ranin poses for this photo in the hopes that someone will see it and help her become a normal human being, able to walk, visit friends and go to school.

“Ranin has a heart like the sun, she shines on everyone, she wants to visit her friends, she deserves the chance to be normal, she needs help. We are not rich, my father has spent all this money to come here, all of our savings. It cost US$1200 for a one-way ticket from Iraq and now the hotel and treatment, we don’t have much time and we hope that you can help us somehow please.

Ranin Raad Hashims father and sister brought Ranin to Amman in the hope that she will get treatment for severe obesity. Ranins soft sweet voice is in deep contrast to her 177 kilo size. Her disease has prevented her from going to school, visiting friends or leading any semblance of a normal life. Ranin is unable to walk, she suffers from liver problems, she doesn’t have her period, she sometimes sleeps 24 hours a day, the rest of the time she spends watching TV, talking on the cell phone with friends and often falls into deep depressions. She has tried to diet but it never helps. Ranin has been huge all her life, no matter if she eats of not, she can’t lose weight. It is hormonal and there are no treatments or programs for obesity in Iraq.

The doctors told her that she will need at least 2 operations, the first one costing 4050 JD, as well as hormonal treatment and follow up diet programs. Ranins father has only 2 months to apply for assistance and treatment before he must return to Iraq. If his daughter can find a sponsor he will agree to leave her here and arrange somehow to have her returned to Iraq. They are not refugees, they are seeking medical treatment only. It is the families hope that an NGO or doctor in the west will here of their case and offer help.

If anyone out there has any contacts or knows of NGOs who may be able to help Ranin, please contact me at it is of utmost importance, I am writing to various publications to see if I can raise awareness in the hopes that a doctor or organization will sponsor Ranins treatment here or elsewhere.

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